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Dear Castor Customer,

In accordance with the manufacturer's liability for their products which is defined in the German Product Liability Act (Article 4, Prod-HaftG), the following information on wheels and castors must be observed. Non-compliance releases the manufacturer from their liability.


Product information and intended use

For the purpose of this definition, wheels and castors are components which can, in principle, be exchanged and are fitted to the devices, furniture and transport systems intended for them or fitted to related products to make them mobile. This product information refers to wheels and castors for non-machine operated vehicles and devices, hereafter called objects, which are not moved faster than walking speed and are not moved in continuous operation. For the purpose of this product information, wheels and castors can be divided into the following areas of application:


Living area:

e.g. household furniture, stereo furniture, tea trolleys


Service area:

e.g. office machines, computer tables, desk cabinets


The correct assembly is included in the idea of intended use:

1.  The product must be firmly connected to the object at the points provided.

2.  At these points, the object must have sufficient tensile strength.

3.  The functioning of the product may not be damaged or changed during the assembly.

4.  Swivel castors must be mounted so that their swivel axes are vertical.

5.  Heavy-duty castors must be mounted so that their wheel axes align.

6.  The same type of swivel castors must be used on any one object. If heavy-duty castors are also fitted, only the castors recommended by the manufacturer may be mounted.


Products must be specified in a special model for moist rooms, when exposed to direct weathering, when close to the sea or for use in an aggressive environment which encourages corrosion. Special models of products must be specified for use in the temperature ranges of below 5°C and above 30°C.

Standard products may by no means be operated under these conditions with nominal power.


Warning: Castors with soft tread should not be used on unsealed, absorbent flooring such as stone or parquet flooring. The white oil required for production can leak, soak into the floor and stain it. This oil evaporates residue-free on sealed surfaces.


Wheel, housing, locking device and the axis accessories form a functional unit. We are only liable for our original products.


When choosing castors or wheels all weights must be known. Failing this, they must be estimated with sufficient safety margins.


Incorrect use

Incorrect use, i.e. failing to use the wheels or castors in accordance with the regulations, is said to occur if, for example:

1.  the wheels and castors are used with a higher load than is displayed in the maximum loading capacity in this catalogue,

2.  the wheels and castors are used on unsuitable, uneven floors,

3.  the atmospheric temperatures are too high or too low,

4.  a device with locked castors is moved violently,

5.  the wheels and castors could be affected by particularly aggressive substances,

6.  the wheels and castors are affected by unreasonable, extreme impacts,

7.  foreign bodies can affect the wheels,

8.  the wheels and castors are used at a speed which is too high,

9.  changes are carried out which have not been agreed with the manufacturer.


Product performance

Should the product performance not be precisely specified in our catalogues, brochures, performance descriptions etc., the requirements for our castors and their components must be agreed with us.


Product maintenance

Wheels and castors must be serviced by readjusting detachable connections i.e. by lubricating the bearing positions. Only those cleaning products which do not contain any damaging components or components which foster corrosion may be used. Castors and their components must be replaced as soon as any malfunctions occur.


Obligations to inform and instruct


Catalogues with product and user information for:


    * retail

    * processing companies


are available in order to fulfil the obligations to inform and instruct as well as the service work in accordance with the German Product Liability Act.


In order to guarantee the performance of wheels and castors, retail businesses are obliged to observe the product and user information and to demand it from the manufacturer on request and to issue it to the processing company.


The reproduction, including in extracts, is exclusively permitted after prior written consent from Karweg GmbH & Co. KG. Non-compliance is criminally prosecuted.

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