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There is a number of hard, soft and medium-hard plastics that are suitable for different applications and tasks.

We will work together with you to determine which plastic is best for your application and will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the respective plastic.

We usually use the following lab-tested raw materials for our plastic parts:

PA - PolyAmide - hard

PP - PolyPropylene - hard

PS - Polystyrene - hard

PUR - PolyUrethane - soft

TPE – thermoplastic elastomers - soft

PE - PolyEthylene - medium-hard

We refine plastics with additives for special requirements, e.g. using high-quality fibre-glass additives. We can also dye the plastics in nearly any shade.

Additionally, we process combinations of these plastics in 2-component injection moulding, e.g. PolyAmide (PA) and PolyUrethane (PU) or PolyPropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). This enables us to optimise use of the strengths of these different materials.

Learn which plastic is suitable for your needs:

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